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Automatic drum filling machine Type 31-33


Automatic drum filler for automatic and W&M approved filling of 200l steel or plastics drums. 50l drums can also be filled by using ancillary equipment.

Feige offers even more stages of expansion for the drum filling machine “Type 33” for the filling of steel and plastic drums. 

Automatic de-bunging and bunging station, nitrogen purging or pre- and final filling station can be combined as per requirement.

After installation and power supply has been put on, the machine is ready for use as electric and pneumatic control has been designed in such a way that it perfectly fits into one common control cabinet. Cable conduits and cable laying can be spared during installation. The basic idea of a quick “Plug & Fill” machine has even been improved. Everything is ready mounted for production, in case of hazardous area application in zone 1 tested and designed as per ATEX regulation.

With these user-friendly “Plug & Fill” machines, Feige Filling continues to realise their high demands on filling machines. These extremely compact filling machines are simply brought into position via forklift truck. A foundation is not necessary. After installation and after power supply has been put on, compressed air and product line are connected. Straight afterwards, the filling of liquid or pasty products can be started.

Depending on how the “Type 33” is designed, either commercially available 200 l steel or plastic drums or other sizes such as 60 l drums are automatically positioned, de-bunged, filled and bunged.
Despite of their compact design, a variety of accessories can be integrated, e.g. purging unit, collecting basin or bunghole extraction.
Like all Feige machines this machine type is available for above-surface, below-surface or below-bunghole filling mode. Nominal output of this series can be 100 drums per hour and more referred to 200 l drums.

And of course, these filling machines include the easy-to-handle Feige weigh scale which enables almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to filling liquid and pasty products. 256 product data records can be stored and only a few buttons are required to set-up the filling process. Thanks to the self-adjusting software of the weigh scale, the filling process gets quicker.

And not to forget, these filling machines offer a good price-performance ratio and thus a true return on investment.