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Filling Technology Newsletter April - 2011

Premiere at the Interpack 2011, 12th to 18th May 2011 in Düsseldorf
FEIGE FILLING in hall 12, stand D08/ E07:
Filling Visions -meeting customer demands for high performance and service

Together with HAVER & BOECKER and BEHN + BATES, FEIGE FILLING presents a customer-oriented scenographic 3-D production for the first time at the INTERPACK in Düsseldorf. At a 500 m² stand, trade fair visitors are offered the opportunity to experience innovations in a novel, intensive manner.

Contact for invitation tickets and dates:

Feige GmbH, Abfülltechnik
Martina Thomsen
Phone: +49 (0)4531 - 8909 341
Email: Thomsen@feige.com


Feige presents turnkey solutions from one source

How great the demand for turnkey production lines (full liners) from one source is, Feige has discovered time and again at the customers' construction sites. If a new investment in the production system sector is planned, the result is to function as uncomplicated and efficient as possible. Turnkey systems offer customers a tailor-made efficient solution that is customised to their individual production requirements.

Different exemplary solutions are presented at the Interpack 2011, hall 12, stand D08/E07.

Turnkey solutions for fillingAll from one source and with an innovative concept, Feige Filling together with Sommer GmbH & Co KG, a company which has been part of the Haver&Boecker group since 2009, present to their customers from many different industrial sectors a turnkey overall system for storing, mixing and filling of liquid or pasty products. The entire process technology is supplied from one source without any points of intersection: from storing to filling with calibrated accuracy, labelled and palletized onto a truck. Apart from the joint concept, Feige presents as novelty the new high-performance automatic pail filling machine model 410 with robot lid placer, which is operated centrally via the Feige touch panel.

Not less impressive is another turnkey project, where the customer has placed the implementation of a highly efficient filling centre from empty drum storage to load securing into the hands of Feige. Here, project planning drew on everything from one source: the high performance storage system applying the DRUMPACK method, the fully automated drum feed, several drum and pallet fillers as well as palletizing and hooping.

Please contact us at +49 4531 8909 - 0 or refer to our contact form for detailed information regarding our products.


Different Feige machine models introduce themselves

The innovative "Plug & Fill" pallet filler type 37
Compact, highly flexible for filling cans, drums and IBCs from 10 to 1500 kg, of which several are placed onto one pallet.

The system can not even be irritated by dirt, water spotting or labels on the container tops.

This is made possible by the image recognition system, which Feige Filling continuously adapts to the latest standard in sensor and image recognition technology.

The "convenience" solution drum filler type 86
with two fill places, and a total of six working stations for filling 200 l plastic or steel drums.
Using corresponding machine accessories, it is also possible to fill 50 l-drums. Your drums are automatically decapped and closed in the centring and closing station.
The integrated chain conveyor transports your containers through the drum filler alternately in double and single cycle.

The new can filler type 65 with double filling station
Since almost 20 years "Feige Filling" has been constructing automatic filling and closing systems for bunghole containers in the calibratable filling range from 0.5kg to 60kg.
Due to the numerous application experiences the engineers team from Bad Oldesloe has been able to gather in many different projects, the existing system was continuously enhanced and always adapted to the latest state of the art.
This enhancement of the trusted concept was now implemented in the new, compact automatic machine type 65.

The system offers a modular design and is always compiled individually. The automatic machine consists of 5 work stations, which the containers cyclically pass through. At the beginning of the cycle, there is the centring of the container that is made available from a feeding conveyor belt. The containers are then pre-filled and finish-filled in two successive cycles. Automatic taring is carried out at the prefilling unit. The container is prefilled in coarse flow. The tare weight is transferred to the downstream finish-filling unit. The prefilled container is finished filled at the second filling unit after the next cycle. Fill time and quantity are optimised automatically. Quick-change stainless steel filling valve mounts ensure that the filling valves can be removed or inserted within seconds for product changes without cross contamination. The closing station consists either of a capper with adjustable torque or a plug presser width adjustable press-in pressure. At the last station, the transfer to a downstream conveyor system takes place.
The integrated push-bar chain conveyor, which transports the containers cyclically and with millimetric accuracy underneath the working stations, has a central function. The positioning control with servo function on the one hand ensures the accurate positioning and on the other hand an optimum acceleration and deceleration behaviour of the cans. This guarantees a splash-free transport.
Operation takes place via a central touch panel with integrated scale display. Here, all container and filling parameters can be set centrally and the control of the system monitored. Optionally, this is where the communication and data exchange with supervisor systems provided by the customer takes place.
An appealing safety enclosure completes the compact design of the automatic machine.
The automatic machine can also be used in the ex-area with highest operational reliability and considerably improves the efficiency during the production process. Accessories such as CIP cleaning systems, nitrogen prefilling, valve stand, clean room filter, etc. complete the concept in an individual manner.
Thanks to FEIGE empty container storages, conveyor systems and automatic palletizing systems, the automatic machine is harmoniously integrated in an overall concept.

Please contact us at +49 4531 8909 - 0 or refer to our contact form for detailed information regarding our products.



After Sales - far reaching service makes all the difference!

For the first time in its history, the world-wide positioned service of FEIGE will present itself at the Interpack 2011. Apart from classic services such as inspection and spare part service, FEIGE Service offers customers also tailor-made service contracts, tele-service, E-commerce and customised training courses for the preservation of system availability. Modernisation and system optimisation, i.e. adaptation of existing systems to new application conditions also form part of the range of services. An experienced and competent team is here available as contact persons.

As first and only company in Europe, Feige Filling is offering the initial manufacturer's calibration.

drum inspection system However, the latest service innovation is the drum inspection system VaDIS (video assisted drum inspection station). The visual Feige drum inspection system „VaDIS" automates the manual inspection of drums for foreign objects prior to filling. The inspection serves to determine that no solid objects, such as washers, screws or similar are located on the bottom of the drum. If a solid body is detected, a corresponding error message is generated and the contaminated drum is locked for further transport! The drum can now once again be checked by the operator and if necessary rejected from the filling process! The images taken by the drum inspection system "VaDIS" are archived and also serve as quality demonstration record.