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Pallet Filling Systems

A range of products is available that has particularly been designed to meet your requirements on gravimetric filling of drums on pallets and containers.

You can choose from a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines. We can offer complete systems for fully automatic packaging processes through the combination of filling equipment with our conveyor and palletizing system.

These pallet filling systems are available in either top fill only or bottom up fill (subsurface) configurations. Top pallet filling configurations are less expensive but limited to non foaming bulk products. Bottom up pallet filling configurations are very flexible systems capable of filling almost any bulk product within a wide range of foamy characteristics and viscosities.

Filling quantity: up to 1.500 kg/3.000 lbs. or up to 3.000 kg/6.000 lbs.

"SlimLine" pallet filler IBC Type 8
"Plug and Fill" pivoting pallet filling station Type 16
"Plug and Fill" co-ordinate pallet filling station Type 17
Pivoting pallet filling equipment Type 26
Co-ordinate pallet filling equipment Type 27
Pallet filler Type 37
Pallet filling robot Type 71
Gantry-type pallet filler Type 72