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SlimLine Filler Type 9

Cost-effective drum filler in Feige quality for filling drums of up to 300 kg. 

The new stainless steel „SlimLine"-Filler has been designed in well proven Feige quality to meet highest demands. According to the motto "keep it simple", Feige has consciously abstained from any over-engineering and yet this "SlimLine"-Filler offers all the main functions of a gravimetric filler.

The well proven "Plug & Fill" principle is also the basis for the new filler, i.e. this "SlimLine"-Filler is ready mounted for production! Power supply is put on, compressed air and product line are connected and drums, pails and canisters up to 300 kg can be filled with liquid products as per W&M approval. Complex installation, cable conduits and cable laying and even a pipe installation for the product in-feed can completely be spared.

As well as the well-known Feige „Plug & Fill"-stations type 14 / type 19 / type 16 / type 17 the „SlimLine"-Filler in mobile execution can also be easily transported to the filling position via fork lifter.

An important feature which was not given up for this cost-effective filler are the filling valves with minimum dead space and self-adjusting sealing, with quick connectors for quick change of product and efficient cleaning.

The „SlimLine"-station, defined by Feige as the new „compact class" among the filling stations, is simple to operate, and offers a good price-performance ratio; short an investment that quickly pays off.