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Regular training of your operating and maintenance personnel guarantees a high level of efficiency of your equipment. We offer training in our works or directly at your equipment.

The execution of the training in our works is effected by our competent specialised personnel from the specific field of application. Your operating and maintenance personnel will be trained by our experienced service technicians directly at the filling equipment in your works. Your personnel will receive substantial training documents.



Contents of 1-day-training

  • Explanation of the equipment functioning
  • Instruction regarding scale function and parameterisation
  • Explanation of inspection and maintenance programme
  • Fault simulation and identification
  • Production assistance

Contents of 2-day-training

1 Day
Theoretical training in the fields

Technical documentation

  • Filling lance and filling valve
  • Opening cylinder
  • Lifting units
  • Bunghole exhaust device / drip collecting device
  • Scale

Practical training in the fields
  • Pneumatic regulation at the assembly group automatic drum filler
  • Regulation of a pneumatic cylinder bunghole exhaust device
  2 Day
Theoretical training in the fields

Automatic drum filler

  • Conveyor: drum lift
  • Centring station: bunghole location /debunging / turning station
  • Closing station: bunging / sealing


  • Function of the pneumatic components
  • Structure of circuit diagram and parts list

Functional descriptions

  • RA-IR / RA-DAT (control of the upward movement of the filling lance for below-surface filling mode)

This is our reference list:

Please find herunder some of our customers which have already participated in our training:
Alfred Talke
Sasol Servo