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Cost-effective filler in full Feige quality for W&M approved bag filling offering quick ROI

Feige Filling, the leading manufacturer of filling machines, has completed its series “SlimLine“ with a bag filler. With this new development Feige follows the trend towards packing liquid and pasty products not only in cans, pails, drums or IBC but also into plastic bags.

The new stainless steel “BagFiller” has been designed in well proven Feige quality to meet highest demands.

According to the motto “keep it simple“ Feige has done without any over-engineering and yet this filler offers all the main functions of a gravimetric filler.

The well proven “Plug & Fill” principle is also the basis for the new bag filler, i.e. this filler is ready mounted for production! Power supply is put on, compressed air and product line are connected and the filler can straight be used for W& M approved filling of open plastic bags with liquid or pasty products. Complex installation, cable conduits and cable laying can completely be spared.

For this type of the “BagFillingLine” the operator fixes an open bag to the bag holder and presses the “START” button. The bag is safely hold during filling, lying on the bag support. After precise W&M approved filling in coarse and fine fill the bag will be removed from the filler and sealed with a sealing unit.

Even for the cost-effective bag filler one important feature of Feige filling machines is not missing: Filling valves with minimum dead space and self-adjusting sealing, with quick connectors for quick change of product and efficient cleaning.

The “BagFiller” made by Feige are the new compact class among the bag filling stations. They are simple to operate and offer a good price-performance ratio; short an investment that quickly pays off.