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Pivoting Pallet Filling Station

Pivoting pallet filling station for automatic and calibrated filling of drums and containers arranged on a pallet.

This "working horse" is available in mobile or stationary execution and is especially employed for the automatic and calibrated filling of drums and containers arranged on a pallet as well as for filling of IBCs (either on base frame or on pallet).

A mobile filling station saves a lot of money which is usually needed for the installation of a complex hosing and piping system. Instead of pumping the liquid or pasty product from the tank to a stationary filling machine, this machine is moved directly to the tank. If required, the filling station is supplied with rollers or a forklift truck brings the machine to the tank. Filling of cans, pails, drums and IBC will then take place directly at the tank. And even in hazardous area (zone 1), this principle works. All mobile "Plug & Fill" machines of series 10 are designed in conformity with ATEX regulation. The control cabinet is purged, electric protection EExp. And even all the accessories and peripheral equipment such as earthing devices, purging units, bunging tools, overflow sensors or roller conveyors fulfil ATEX demands.

Either used for the filling of uncritical liquid or pasty products or for hazardous area application in zone 1, a mobile filling station can help to save a lot of money within the internal production process. Complex piping and hosing can be spared as these mobile "Plug & Fill" machines are directly brought to the tank, either supplied with rollers or via floor conveyors. No foundation is necessary. Compressed air supply is simply connected via connectors and power supply is put on. Thus, the same machine can be used at many different fill places to fill different products into drums, pails, cans or IBC.

The machines of the series 10 in stainless steel execution are designed as per ATEX regulation II 2G c IIB T3. This means that all electrical and mechanical components of these machines are designed in conformity with ATEX regulation. Such accessories or components are earthing devices, purging units, overflow sensors and roller conveyors or bunging tools including spring balancers. For all machines Feige can present appropriate certificates on electro-magnetic compatibility. The PLC is incorporated in a closed control cabinet with the protection class EExp (purged).

Especially for the application at mobile filling stations Feige has developed the IF-USB Memory Box. It is intended for customers who wish to store filling data but do not have a fixed cable connection from the filling station to their PC.

The Memory Box is equipped with an USB interface on one side and an RS232 interface on the other side. Thanks to a slot for MM or SD cards the Memory Box is a fast mass storage device for the Feige weigh scale.  The included flash card can store data of about 500.000 filling processes.