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Pallet filling machine - Pallet filler type 37

Pallet filling equipment for automatic and W&M approved filling of drums and containers on pallets.

The pallet filler fills any empty containers arranged on a pallet - ranging from the 20 l can up to the 1000l IBC. The positions of the filling openings are automatically located by a camera system and at the same time the filler recognises whether the containers are open or closed. Afterwards, the containers are automatically filled one after the other. The camera system will not be influenced by dirt, labels or water stains on the container head. This remarkable system is continuously being improved by Feige to latest state-of-the-art in sensor and image processing technology.

The innovative "Plug & Fill" pallet filler type 37

offers a sophisticated, quick and safe matrix technology to fill most different types of containers. A fork lift truck places a pallet with the empty and open containers on a pit scale platform. After the START button is pressed the full image camera system identifies the coordinates of the filling openings. The three positioning systems (for x-, y- and z-axis of the filler) automatically position the filling unit to the calculated coordinates and filling is started. The operator will only be prompted to change the pallet. Thus, the system offers highest productivity in production.

The construction and the construction dimension of the automatic pallet filling machine even enable the filling of several layers and the filling of incomplete pallets.

As usual, the innovative Feige pallet filler is a gravimetric system where filling is controlled by the well-proven Feige weigh scale.

Extensive conveyor and palletizing systems can be integrated.

Also available for hazardous area application.