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Palletizing robot for drums, pails and containers

The use of a palletizing robot is an optimum solution for palletizing different container sizes, for changing pallet schemes, pallet sizes and container arrangements on the pallet (even in several layers). The robot is a flexible, forward-looking and extremely efficient solution (about 500 cycles per hour).

The rigid 4-axes articulated robot will be mounted with its sturdy base on the floor.

Different palletizing tools will be mounted at the robot's wrist to meet the demands of just about any palletizing application. Required software will be configured as per dedicated application, factory tested and optimised.

A Profibus DP will allow the communication of the robot's control with the machine PLC.

The supply system for control and drive of the palletizing tool is designed for highest flexibility and a long service life. It comprises control cables and compressed air hoses where the connections are incorporated in the wrist and the base of the robots.

Pallets with three layers of empty drums are stored on a chain conveyor. The robot automatically depalletizes the drums and places them on the roller conveyor in front of the Feige drum filler.
Slip sheets and bottom pallets are stacked for return to the drum supplier.

The robot depalletizes the empty drums, lifts the lids, places the drums on the roller conveyor and stacks the lids.   The robot takes a pallet out of the magazine and places it on the out-feed conveyor.   Oval pails are filled and closed on the filling line. Afterwards, the robot palletizes the pails as per pre-set pallet scheme.
Combination tools
Combination tools with grippers, suction pads, clamps and dedicated sensor technology handle most different containers and pallets.